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Archived Product


The Canon FAX-EB10 offers comprehensive functions, contemporary design and high quality painted metallic finish for a company whose office environment is an important part of their business image.


  • Excellent design with a unique metallic painted silver finish and integrated handset
  • High capacity FAX memory
  • Paper supply and BJ ink
  • High print speed
  • Dual access function to send FAX while printing incoming Fax and scanning documents

With a host of reliable time saving functions the EB10 offers faxing and copying plus a convenient integrated handset encased in a stylish silver body

With superior Bubble Jet technology
Unlike conventional technology, the superior Bubble Jet cartridge in the FAX-EB10 means incoming faxes are printed onto plain paper so you won't have to deal with messy, illegible thermal paper. This technology ensures that the documents you receive remain clear, precise and suitable for filing.

Simple to use, easy to maintain

The design of the Canon FAX-EB10 is practical too. Scan the exterior metallic casing and you'll find that the functions are easy to operate. Inside the fax, the cartridges are clean and easily exchangeable (with no thermal transfer) keeping maintenance to a minimum, saving you time and hassle.

Fax transmission

Keeping the lines of communication open is important. However, keeping call-time down is equally necessary. For this reason the EB10 includes the powerful G3 modem to transmit your business faxes at a speedy 14.4 kbps, which translates as one page every 6 seconds, cutting your communication costs.

Fax printing

The Bubble Jet printing method ensures that you receive high-resolution text and images that are more business-like in appearance. Faxes are printed quickly too, approximately 3 pages per minute, reducing waiting time. Receiving lengthier communications is made even easier by a paper tray with a large 100-sheet capacity.

Copying capability

For added convenience, make high quality copies all from one machine. The EB10 let's you reproduce that quick copy for your files or multiple copies of up to 99. For high resolution, copy directly at 360x360 dpi, or from memory at 200dpi.


This fax machine comes with an integrated handset as standard. And to save time you have the option of coded dial, group dial or automatic dial, so you can send your documents at the touch of a button. The EB10 also features a Fax/Tel switch that automatically detects the difference between incoming faxes and phone calls.

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